What is a trading journal? And how to use one

Monitoring rate modifications utilizing charts is one method to remain upgraded on the marketplace patterns. However, technical or basic analyses and tracking other market metrics are not the only methods of ending up being a effective trader. For example, a disciplined technique that consists of preserving a trading journal would secure you from making psychological choices worrying your monetary investments.

In this post, we will talk about the advantages of a trading journal and how to develop and use it.

What is a trading journal?

A trading journal records your trades and their results and offers a summary of your trading experience. However, it is not a brokerage account declaration as one can discover the factors behind going with or preventing a trading technique.

All successively performed trades are systematically prepared, and a trading journal can be a record of the efficiency of each trading technique. Regardless of how the marketplace carries out, you can effectively examine the capacity of a specific trade utilizing a trading journal.

Moreover, you do not require to invest much to develop a trading journal. Spreadsheets or Excel would be enough, and it would assist you to end up being disciplined and follow constant trading methods. You ought to tape trading entries in your journal if you can’t constantly stick to your trading technique. You can find out how to prevent reacting the very same method to similar circumstances in future trades by keeping in mind when things fail and why they did so. Why is keeping a trading journal essential? Keep reading to discover!

What are the advantages of a trading journal?

Keeping a trading journal supplies numerous advantages, consisting of assisting you to examine the strengths and weak points of your trading technique. It assists you make objective choices. For example, one can choose if crypto derivatives finest fit their portfolio or if one ought to begin reinvesting crypto earnings. The decision is unique of mistakes in judgment and any unreasonable beliefs, which assists secure you versus an unconscious impact on your financial investment goals.

Keeping a trading log assists you remain on track with your trading technique, whether you are a day trader or a swing trader. Becoming sidetracked by profits while trading genuine cash takes place quickly. After a run of rewarding deals, you can begin to use careless entry points or get more cryptocurrency than normal. A trading strategy assists you remain on target and decreases your propensity to make rash, possibly dangerous trades.

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One can begin trading in the efficient zone if they track their trading strategies and establish self-confidence in their abilities. Consulting a trading journal can be a significant incentive for traders to review how well they have actually done, and having a effective performance history is constantly a great self-confidence booster. On the other hand, not successful traders can gain from their errors and change ineffective trading methods into rewarding ones.

Furthermore, one can likewise make the most of what is efficient and move their attention to the existing efficiency by utilizing their journal to track and execute reproducible patterns. This allows traders to create a constant earnings and avoids them from hanging out and resources on not successful concepts, ultimately assisting them to end up being rewarding traders.

How to develop a trading journal?

Any spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets in which you tape your real trades and a composed file like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to include your ideas can be utilized to develop a trading journal. You can likewise begin utilizing a totally free trading journal design template like the one prepared by Binance to compare a preventable and a rewarding trading technique.

Regardless of what design template you are utilizing, guarantee that you have all the required columns associated to each trade. Additionally, you might take screenshots of the trading charts you have actually followed and link them to the suitable trade on the sheet to make the journal more efficient.

Let’s comprehend what columns you ought to include to your spreadsheet when producing a trading journal:


Add the monetary instrument you have actually traded, consisting of the picked platform; for example, Bitcoin (BTC) on Coinbase.

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Date and time

Add whenever and date-specific elements that allow you to take part in a specific trade. For circumstances, I bought Cardano (ADA), worth $1,000, throughout a midday trading lull when ADA was readily available at a lower rate at 1:00 pm. During the lull, crypto worths often decrease since the majority of popular newspaper article have actually currently been reported by twelve noon.

Trade instructions (long/brief)

Record your short or long positions to reassess your trading technique. By taking long positions, a financier gets direct exposure to cryptocurrencies in the hope that rates will climb up in the future, permitting them to be cost a earnings.

On the other hand, when financiers offer cryptocurrency “short,” they obtain it and offer it at the continuous market rate. When the property’s worth decreases, the financier purchases it at a discount rate, repays the cryptocurrency obtained and keeps the distinction as earnings.

Entry rate, exit rate and stop loss

The entry rate is the rate at which you are starting the trade. The exit rate is the worth at which you leave that trade. Investors can develop a stop-loss order in trading to instantly location a offer order when and if the most affordable rate at which they are all set to offer a property is reached. Record all these metrics in your trading journal.

Trade size

To comprehend how much threat you are taking worrying a specific trade, please record your “tradable amount” in the journal. For circumstances, you run the risk of 70% of your tradable quantity on a single trade if your tradable quantity is $200 and you swing trade on ADA with $170.

Profit and loss

It is vital to record the result of your trade, either earnings or loss, to comprehend what works best for you and what does not.


As discussed, include your thoughts/notes in Microsoft Word or Google Docs to review why you picked a specific trading size or technique. Remember that qualitative elements are as essential as quantitative ones.

How to use a trading journal

A perfect trading journal design template is a misconception. Every trader needs to examine the essential metrics they require or ought to prevent utilizing while including deals in their individual trading journals. A trade journal requirements to be customized due to this.

Use your composed file to include factors behind taking specific positions. It is likewise important to jot down the signs you area throughout your market watch hours to prevent adversely affecting your trading efficiency. You’ll likewise argue whether a particular trade principle you executed is a strong one in your composed file. Turning your trade propositions completely and backwards will assist you see the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

Then turn to your spreadsheet, where you require to record your day-to-day trading activities. Remember to keep it up-to-date and arranged to determine your success or failure precisely. Finally, attempt to record trade information after performing the trade to prevent missing out on any vital descriptions.

Furthermore, inspecting your trade log spreadsheet day-to-day is a great practice for approximating the level of direct exposure you presently hold and any possibility of broadening your trading portfolio. But, how to examine your trading journal spreadsheet? Read through the files on the composed file and entries in your spreadsheet thoroughly while evaluating your existing trades.