Catalonia is building its own metaverse, says innovation minister

Catalonian director-general of innovation Daniel Macro talked about a few of the essential efforts that the federal government has actually taken and dealt with to make the area a digital center in an unique interview with Cointelegraph’s handling editor Alex Cohen. Macro’s remarks came throughout the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) 2022.

Macro stated the COVID-19 pandemic over the previous 2 years has actually actually assisted in propagating the concept of the digital economy, which is a part of the primary economy. He went on to point out the example of Europe which has actually relocated to digitize the energy offer and numerous other digital offers.

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Macro took the charge as the director of the SmartCatalonia Government Strategy in 2014, managing the effort to make Catalonia a “Smart Country” of note on the international phase. And with the development of blockchain innovation and metaverse, the minister is working towards developing a completely digital economy motivated by the real world.

He exposed that the federal government is working towards building a Catalonian metaverse called Cataverse. He described:

“Cataverse will be linked to the Catalan language and the Catalan culture. That is what we want to have in this metaverse, that Catalan entities that are doing things for the culture can do that in the metaverse .”

The Catalonian Innovation minister went on to clarify the federal government’s strategies to make Barcelona the digital center. He stated a lot would depend upon the skill and the federal government has actually passed numerous policies and university programs to cultivate that skill amongst the young. He stated:

“We have very strong policies to generate talent that are from university but also we are skilling programs like boot camps and other activities a lot because we need different profiles.”

He included that the federal government is attempting to get the mix of both i.e. cultivate brand-new skill and draw in more company with a friendly workplace.

The minister when inquired about blockchain tasks that travelers can connect with in Barcelona, pointed out the example of a job concentrated on individual health care and a couple of others based upon public transportation.